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8105 . -. Safety Equipment

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You've come to the right place for: 8105 Maverick - Photochromatic, Eye Protection, Eye Protection-Photochromatic Safety Glasses, Australian ppe, online safety equipment and other workplace safety products and safety supplies. See details of the Maverick Black with Photochromatic lens (Cat 0 to 2) below.

8105 Maverick - Photochromatic

Reorder Number

8105 Maverick - Photochromatic picture

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PPE Brand

Bandit III

Bandit III

Product Description

Safety is a way of life at the Workplace Safety Warehouse..The 8105 Maverick frame comes with photochromatic light varying lens. In the clear state, it is category 0 and when exposed to UV light, darkens to category 2.

Note that in AS1337.1, only Category 0 lens can be worn indoors.

8105SBPHGC - Photochromatic Clear-Grey

Polarised range:
8105SBPS - ck Frame
8105SBLPS - Blue Frame
8105SWPS - White Frame

Non photochromatic/polarised range:
8105SBRRM - Mirror
8105SBAR - Smoke Anti Reflective
8105SWSMD - Silver Mirror Dark
8105SBBLBM - Blue Mirror

On Sale from the Warehouse Now - Brand New, Maverick Black with Photochromatic lens (Cat 0 to 2) - unused, unopened and undamaged in original packaging.

Prices from the Warehouse include GST and other taxes as well as all packaging, handling and Australian duties and can be shipped anywhere in Australia or the USA.


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'8105 Maverick - Photochromatic'

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Shipping: The 8105 Maverick - Photochromatic usually leaves the Warehouse in 1 business day with a flat $19.90 delivery fee within Australia.
Shipping outside of Australia will attract an additional shipping cost. Please contact us for more information.

If the shipping address is a business, please include the business name, department, opening hours or any special access instructions to allow the delivery to be made. Thank you.

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The '8105 Maverick - Photochromatic'

is now on sale from and is another quality product from Australia's favourite online safety supplier

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