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To make the safety purchase decision as easy as possible,
we'll match the fully shipped price of any item we sell if you find it cheaper
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Please take care if buying non genuine products.
Sub-standard equipment can be more dangerous than none
at all as it can give a false sense of security
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Good business men and women know that
safety is good business.
Please take advantage of our expertise and let us help make your site as safe as possible
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Make sure you get the right respiratory device for the conditions

Coveralls protect you from dangerous chemical and other exposures

Make sure you use a face shield and other ppe when wwelding

The right head protection is critical




You can probably tell we're not a normal safety product supplier by our genuine concern for safety.

Our free safety checklist library, informative videos, speedy courier service and helpful safety advice seem to be greatly appreciated by all and we love knowing we're helping in some small measure, to reduce injuries around the world.

To take things even further, we've put together 4 different ways to make the purchasing decision on safety equipment as easy as possible so please take advantage of them and let us know how we can help.


Make us an Offer

Please don't let a tight budget force you to work without the right safety equipment. If you're shopping for multiple products, use our contact us page to make us an offer and we'll see what we can do to meet that price, or get as close as we can. Remember to include the quantity and shipping destination in your message.


Business Bundle Pricing

Most of our product pages include Business Bundles at the bottom. Business Bundles offer much cheaper unit pricing with free shipping anywhere in Australia and are a simple button click away!


Price Matching

We're happy to price match the fully shipped price of any item we sell and have in stock, if you find it cheaper and in stock on another site. That means you get our great service and advice for the cheapest market price you can find.


Partial Deferred Payment Plans

If you don't have the budget to pay for your purchase in full now, we're happy to accept partial payment with the remainder (up to 30%) to be paid within 12 months. The amount we can finance for you varies from product to product so please enquire for more information.



Good Luck and Stay Safe!




All products are shipped from the Australian warehouse to any address in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Launceston, Darwin, Perth, Victoria, NSW, ACT, WA, NT, SA, QLD and Tasmania, as well as most countries around the world (non-restricted items only), with special deals for customers in Australia, USA, South Africa and New Zealand. Please contact us for shipping prices and delivery times outside of Australia.

Never take your eye off safety

We're continually expanding our range with even more great safety equipment, so make sure you check back often. If you can't find something you're after, click this contact us link and we'll try to find it using our network of overseas and Australian safety product suppliers.

Check out some of our most popular product categories including: Warning Lights, Hearing Protection and Hand Protection

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